Sprinkles: All the Rage or Just a Waste


Sprinkles is one of the many new additions to the renovation of Downtown Disney, now Disney Springs, here in Walt Disney World. With its opening date May 15, 2017, this little cupcake joint has quickly grown in popularity with its extensive menu ranging from cupcakes to ice cream-cupcake sundaes to doggie cupcakes and it’s nifty Cupcake ATM – or an ACM (automated cupcake machine) as I like to call it. Since all the craze for the past few months, I figured that it was probably my turn to take a shot and check out Sprinkles for myself.

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Just a Quick Update

Hey, everyone! I am really sorry this blog has been lacking so badly lately. I was suddenly extremely busy but I have decided to start working on time management because this blog is something that is close to my heart! Please accept my apology and don’t forget me just yet because I have a bunch of exciting things coming to That Disney Giirl.

To give you a bit of insight into what has been keeping me so busy here’s a little bit about what is going on:

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The Vlog Is Up!

Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce that the vlog is up and running!

However, this first video that is posted is not in the quality that all of the other videos will be in. I have been working with my Nikon to learn how to properly use all the settings for the upcoming videos. The second video will be posted hopefully sometime next week. I am just waiting for a few things to come to fix up that backdrop for you 😉 I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to go subscribe here!

Disney’s Boardwalk – Walt Disney World’s Best Kept “Secret”

Walt Disney World is full of fun, this is no secret! However, there are a few nooks and crannies that many people don’t know about. One of these places is Disney’s Boardwalk. The Boardwalk “connects” Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, The Swan and Dolphin, and Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club with a lovely outdoor walkway that, personally, brings me back to the Point Pleasant, NJ boardwalk (minus the rides). Disney’s Boardwalk provides guests with drinks, dancing, food, shopping, games and more! This past week I took the time to check out this lovely area for the first time and was delightfully surprised! I had such an amazing time that I felt compelled to put together a list of something you should try at Disney’s Boardwalk the next time you visit Walt Disney World.

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My Last Hurrah at Disney Quest

Many of us already know about the many changes that have been taking place all around the Walt Disney World property. One of these changes is the closing of Disney Quest, the five-story arcade full of digital fun that originally opened in 1998! Over time I have noticed that those who know about and love Disney Quest and those who had no idea it even existed is about 50/50, therefore, I wanted to highlight some of my time on my very last visit to this awesome interactive arcade.

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4 of My Favorite Magic Kingdom Photo Ops

There are so many amazing things to do in the Magic Kingdom, let alone all over the Walt Disney World property itself. From the rides and attractions to the character interactions and shows, there is basically something for everyone in the happiest place on Earth. One of my personal favorite things to do is collect pictures in this happy, magical place. Whether these photos sit in frames, hang on the walls, or are arranged in scrapbooks these pictures will last a lifetime and allow me to relive the great memories that they have captured. In this post, I am going to highlight 4 of my favorite the Magic Kingdom photo opportunities around the Magic Kingdom.

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A 17-Year Long Dream Come True

Has there ever been something that you wanted to do for as long as you can remember? Maybe even longer than you can remember?! For me, this “something” was Disneyland and to be quite honest, I never thought it would happen.

Since the age of 7 every summer I would ask my parents if we could go to Disneyland, however, being that we lived in Florida they always simply opted for Disney World. This didn’t stop be though, I persisted. December 2016, 17 years later, this dream finally came true. And let me tell you, it was everything I ever dreamed and more.

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My 13 Favorite Things To Do at Disney’s Epcot

Disney’s Epcot may not be one of the general public’s favorite parks, but this park holds a special place in my heart. There is just something magical about being able to walk around the world in the afternoon. While obviously you’re not really going around the world, however, you can see a snippet of the culture from these real locations which is always a really cool experience! Disney also goes above and beyond with seasonal festivals held in Epcot such as the Food and Wine Festival and, my personal favorite, the Flower and Garden Festival. Both of which enhance the cultures shown in the World Showcase and the beauty of Epcot. Since, I personally, find this park to be underappreciated I have decided to put together a list of 13 of my favorite things to do around this amazing theme park.

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8 Things I Have Learned As A Disney World Local

Living in Orlando, Florida definitely has its perks on its own, not too far from the beach, the home of world-class tourist destinations, the night-life is poppin’, and there’s never a lack of food or shopping options. However, living literally right off of Disney property, 5-10 minutes away from any of the theme parks has perks of its own and when you utilize these perks enough, you learn quite a few lessons. I have decided to share 8 of the lessons I have learned that make my time at Walt Disney World much more enjoyable.  Read More

The Deeper Reason of My Love for Disney

When most people think of Disney it reminds them of childhood movies or vacations, but there is a group of individuals out there who are now in their twenties or older who still have a love for Disney that is just special in an unexplainable way. I am one of those people, but today I am challenging myself to attempt to explain it.  Read More