The Deeper Reason of My Love for Disney

When most people think of Disney it reminds them of childhood movies or vacations, but there is a group of individuals out there who are now in their twenties or older who still have a love for Disney that is just special in an unexplainable way. I am one of those people, but today I am challenging myself to attempt to explain it. 


Disney as a whole is such a magical concept between inspirational stories and unreal adventures there is nothing in the imagination of a child they haven’t covered. When I was a little one my love of Disney started with the Princesses, Minnie Mouse, and Tinker Bell. These characters entertained me for hours as my mother would play and rewind the VHS over and over for me, they inspired me and influenced the young woman I have become. When I watched Cinderella, I never saw a girl waiting for a prince to put a shoe on her foot and whisk her away to happily ever after. I saw a girl who was kind to those who bullied her. When I would watch Sleeping Beauty, I didn’t see a girl who slept and fell in love with the first boy that came along and kissed her. I saw a girl who lived a life beyond her control, yet still made the best out of her situation. While I, personally, will never be able to sprinkle a bit of Tink’s pixie dust, think a happy thought, and magically have the ability to fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan and the Darling children these stories have given me the ability to dream.


Today, as a 24-year-old college student, Disney is much more than movies and role models. Disney has provided me with a positive, fun place to blow off steam between working and all that being a college student entails. Three years ago I invested in an annual pass to the Walt Disney World theme parks, and each year since I have renewed this pass. Being an individual who has suffered from anxiety and depression the time I spend in the theme parks is very special. This is one of the few places I can feel completely safe and still have fun and connect with people. I have met numerous amazing individuals during my days at the parks and even through Facebook groups, such as Disney Dorks. Disney Dorks is a group of 23,000+ amazing people who really have a passion for Disney, it’s theme parks, and all the company entails. I have connected with many people that I have been able to just simply gush over Disney with or even ask/answer questions about planning trips to the theme parks and other Disney locations all over the world!

Overall, my love for Disney stems from the basics of memories, childhood, and takes root from the lessons I have learned, the influences and role models I was given, and the friends I have made.


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