Sprinkles: All the Rage or Just a Waste


Sprinkles is one of the many new additions to the renovation of Downtown Disney, now Disney Springs, here in Walt Disney World. With its opening date May 15, 2017, this little cupcake joint has quickly grown in popularity with its extensive menu ranging from cupcakes to ice cream-cupcake sundaes to doggie cupcakes and it’s nifty Cupcake ATM – or an ACM (automated cupcake machine) as I like to call it. Since all the craze for the past few months, I figured that it was probably my turn to take a shot and check out Sprinkles for myself.


I ended up visiting Sprinkles a total of three different times solely for the purpose of this blog post. Upon entering the store, I found the entire interior to be adorable. There is a case of freshly made cupcakes being displayed right when you enter, which I must say was very enticing. Behind the counter, you could see employees working on fresh cupcakes and ice cream-cupcake sundaes. There is even a window where you can see them working closer up from time to time!



I decided that for my first visit I would keep my order simple and something that I was familiar with, a vanilla cupcake with chocolate sprinkles and a coke. Since it was a beautiful day outside, I decided to take a seat out on the side by the little waterway Disney has added to the area (SUPER CUTE BY THE WAY)! With the first bite, I was a bit let down with the almost flavorless cupcake. Thinking that I must have tasted wrong, I took another bite to be even more let down. The frosting was supposed to be milk-chocolate, however, I didn’t taste any chocolate. The vanilla cupcake was also very dull in taste, much more so than typical for vanilla. I ended up bringing the cupcake home and putting it in the refrigerator for my boyfriend, he also ended up disappointed with his first Sprinkles cupcake.


The second visit to Sprinkles I decided that since I am such a chocolate lover, and the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles was disappointingly not very chocolatey, I would try the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, my boyfriend choose the black and white cupcake, and then we decided that our dog, Goomba, deserved a doggie cupcake when we got home. We decided to take our cupcakes to go to see how they would package them. The doggie cupcake was put in a cute little bag with a bone sticker and ours were placed in a two-cupcake box. The cupcakes made it safely from Sprinkles to the parking garage and through the never-ending whopping 5-minute drive home. Goomba immediately enjoyed his doggie cupcake eating it in two-bites (being a medium sized Cockapoo with a small mouth I was impressed). Then my boyfriend and I decided to dive right into our cupcakes, unfortunately, to be disappointed again.

At this point, I figured the third time is the charm. I must be crazy with all the popularity around Sprinkles. We decided that we were going to check out the Cupcake ATM (should be ACM). The excitement was real. I have no words to convey my excitement about using this ATM and actually getting a freshly made cupcake out of it! So when I walked up to the machine, just to find the screen completely busted disappointed was an understatement.

Now, I know what you’re thinking = I must really hate this place, however, I plan on giving Sprinkles one last chance next month. One of my very best friends is flying in to visit and take on Walt Disney World for a week. We have discussed visiting Sprinkles during her visit to give the ice cream-cupcake sundaes a try! I will be writing an update post where I will be reviewing just the ice cream-cupcake sundae towards the end of October so remember to keep an eye out for that!

Please let me know what your experiences at Sprinkles has been like!  Have you always enjoyed your cupcakes from Sprinkles or are you someone like me who just can’t seem to enjoy their cupcakes?!


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